Current projects

South Gippsland Landcare Network
South Gippsland, Victoria

Over the last couple of years, various parties have been engaged in the collection of field data relating to habitat use by koalas across the South Gippsland area, including the Strzelecki Ranges. Over 1000 field sites have  been sampled using RG-bSAT sampling protocols. We recently completed our analyses of the data and created a four-tiered koala habitat map for the study area. Amongst other things, analysis revealed a  hitherto unknown species of preferred koala food tree - Strzelecki Gum E. strzeleckii.

Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR)
Moreton Bay, Queensland

On behalf of the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads we are working alongside several other consultancies on the experimental design and implementation of a koala connectivity monitoring program for the Moreton Bay Rail Project between Petrie and Kippa-Ring in SE Queensland. The new rail line includes a range of underpass structures that will be monitored to evaluate their suitability for koalas using techniques such as GPS and radio-tracking, Wireless Identification Devices, trail cameras and thermal imaging cameras.

Campbelltown City Council
Campbelltown, southwest of Sydney, NSW.

For the past six months we have been working with Campbelltown City Council planning officers to get a Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management in place for the Campbelltown Koalas. Aspects of this project have included building on some of the earlier work by other parties, as well as undertaking more detailed analyses of historical koala records, revising the habitat mapping and working out how many koalas there are.

Ecosure Pty Ltd, NSW Roads & Maritime Services
Wardell, NSW.

In August 2014 the Federal Environment Minister imposed conditions on Section 10 of the proposed Woolgoolga to Ballina Pacific Highway upgrade to the west of Wardell in north-eastern NSW, amongst which was the need to better consider the potential impact(s) of the intended upgrade on the local koala population by using Population Viability Analysis (PVA) modelling over a 50 year timeframe.

Lismore Shire Council
Blakebrook Quarry

Biolink has been engaged by Lismore Shire Council to monitor the impacts of quarry operations on the distribution and abundance of Koalas at the Blakebrook Quarry.  Commencing in 2012, monitoring will be undertaken yearly until November 2016. Monitoring design includes a 17 SAT site regularised grid and associated transects.  The three years of data thus far collected attest to the utility of the SAT approach for koala activity/population monitoring purposes, enhanced by the ability to be able to confidently resurvey the same sites on a regular basis.   


We often work with other consultancy companies and/or organisations to assist them with the undertaking of various projects. Current collaborations include: