* Liverpool City Council Wildlife Hospital Feasibility Study

Liverpool City Council
Liverpool, NSW

Liverpool City Council is considering the establishment of a koala-specific or wildlife-general hospital and possible associated sanctuary to serve a conservation function for the Liverpool Local Government Area and across south-west Sydney more broadly, in line with recommendations stemming from the Koala Population and Habitat in NSW Parlimentary Inquiry (2019). Biolink has been engaged to perform a Needs Analysis and Feasibility Study into the viability of such a venture, both from the perspective of a need for increased veterinary support for wildlife and with regard to the existing opportunities for a wildlife-tourism venture in this region.

Biolink has engaged in extensive consultation and collaboration with the existing network of wildlife carers to ascertain priorities and current options for veterinary care. The funding and operational models of similar ventures in animal care are examined, as are practical issues such as space, legal and zoning requirements, establishment and operational costs and unique opportunities in the wildlife-tourism / education fields.

The draft of this report is currently being reviewed by Liverpool City Council and is expected to proceed to a more detailed Options Analysis in the coming months.