A bit about us......

We are a small consultancy team that offers specialist skills in landscape-scale koala conservation biology, threatened flora and fauna survey design, implementation and data analyses, conservation planning and spatial modelling.

Current projects


Biolink is currently engaged by Ipswich City Council to produce a conservation tool for systematically assessing Black Breasted Button Quail presence across Council's network of Reserves. We are now absorbed in the task of developing a field method for objectively assessing Black Breasted Button Quail presence, as well tools for identifying suitable habitat and determining associations with disturbance history and threats. Towards the end of the project, a 'back-of-house' system will be provided to Council, along with training, to allow the prioritisation of areas for conservation works.

Biodiversity Assessment Method (BAM)

The Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 and associated Biodiversity Offset Scheme (BOS) establishes Biodiversity Stewardship Agreements (BSA) which are in-perpetuity agreements entered into by landholders to secure biodiversity offset sites. Biodiversity Stewardship Agreements are used by landholders wishing to generate and potentially sell biodiversity credits.