Steve Phillips, Grant Brearley, Amanda Lane, Kirsty Wallis

Copies of presentations given by Biolink staff at the 65th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian Mammal Society (2019).

Abstracts of the presentations are as follows;

Killing them softly with our song... negative outcomes arising from the management of disease in peri-urban koalas (Dr Steve Phillips)

Janette Norman, Steve Phillips, Caroline Blackmore, Ross Goldingay & Les Christidis
Conservation Genetics

This paper reports on the use of a combination of microsatellite-based population profiling, scaling relationships and parentage-based dispersal analyses to investigate levels and patterns of long-distance dispersal in the koala.

A bit about us......

We are a small consultancy team with specialist skills in landscape-scale koala conservation biology, threatened flora and fauna survey design, implementation and data analyses, conservation planning and spatial modelling. We have been in business for more than 20 years and service an extensive client list from amongst the private sector, NGOs, Local, State and Federal Government agencies. Rather than growth and expansion, we operate a sustainable business model maintained by a tight group of highly skilled and motivated individuals.

Current projects


As part of on-going work for the Save our Species Iconic Koala Project we have been working to investigate the status of a potential 'koala hub' in Bootawa, near Kiwarrack, along the mid-coast of NSW. Field work to date indicates the presence of an active koala source population at the site.