Flora and Fauna Survey

Flora and fauna surveys require use of a variety of tools from simple observation through to species specific trapping techniques. While it can be  exciting working in the field censusing plants and animals, a key element affecting the outcomes of most ecological surveys is that of design, especially given that most specifically set out to answer one or more questions about distribution, abundance and population/conservation status.

We are capable of undertaking all levels of investigation from project planning and survey design to the on-ground implementation, data analysis and interpretation. The company is equipped with a full armory of survey equipment including Elliot traps, Cage traps, Infra-red cameras, Pitfall traps, Hair Funnels, Harp Traps, Anabat detectors and call playback devices. Our in-house expertise is also underpinned by decades of experience enabling a thorough working knowledge and rapid identification skills covering the majority of flora/fauna taxonomic groups in Eastern Australia.

Biolink staff are experienced in the preparation of individual Species Impact Statements (SIS) and/or Single / Multiple Species Plans of Management.