* What faecal pellet surveys can really reveal about the ecology of koalas.

Stephen Phillips & John Callaghan
Biolink Technical Report

The Spot Assessment Technique is a multi-faceted koala habitat sampling tool, which when applied either on the basis of a random, stratified approach or more uniformly across the landscape, capably answers key questions associated with the distribution and abundance of koalas. A recent publication in Australian Zoologist speculated concerns about the technique, specifically in terms of randomness, replication and reproducibility, along with supposed limitations of the 100cm search area. In the interests of transparency and informing further discussion, this report addresses such matters while additionally providing further detail about the genesis and on-ground application of the technique.  Results from landscape-scale and more localised monitoring projects informed by the SAT are also provided, as are details of further refinements that now enable koala density data and associated population estimates to be derived.